BRIGHTEN UP YOUR MARKER BOARDS | Peace, Love, and First Grade


**You may wonder how this post applies to the classroom,
but I promise if you stick with me, you'll see.

For three years, I had the privilege of chairing a dormitory makeover
at the MS School for the Deaf.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. 
Our task was to take a stark white dormitory and transform it into a home
for children who spend 5 days a week at the school.

We wanted parents to be comfortable leaving their babies here.
We wanted it to feel like home.
The Idea
There are dry erase boards throughout the dorms,
placed in prominent spots to allow students to read reminders and important updates.

We either had to work around the boards or include the boards in the decor.

We chose the latter.

Our solution was simple.

Paint colorful frames around the boards that complemented the new decor.

I still love seeing the finished product!

 The High School Girls Living Room with marker board on the back wall

Here's a close up!

 Zebra Frame in High School Girls Entry
 Fun and Funky Frame in Middle School Girls Entry
(We cleaned the area around the light switch.) 

So...if you have a board placed in an inconvenient place in your classroom,
try painting a bright frame around it.

You'll love the way it looks!

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