WRITING ON THE TABLE | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Today's post MAY be controversial.

But, if you read to the end, you may want to give it a shot. 

 If paper and ink is a commodity in your school OR you just want to jazz things up, consider using your table tops as work spaces.

Just teach your normal lesson, but use the tables as work spaces.
That's it!

We write on our tables during "Table Time" every few weeks. 

Setting Expectations
Like everything, allowing students to write on the table requires setting
in place rules and expectations.

We have a long discussion about how writing on tables is ONLY
appropriate during a "Table Time" lesson. 
ONLY dry erase markers, ONLY during Table Time,
and ONLY when instructed to write.
Afterward, the kiddos wash the tables with shaving cream.
Our tables are nice and clean...and smell great, too!
Table Time Examples

1-The table top was perfect for teaching regrouping.

The kiddos could see the process as they manipulated the base ten blocks.
They were seriously engaged in this activity!
We had to do it every day that week!

2-Here we used Table Time to work on long "a" words. 

Students worked in groups to brainstorm and sort words by their spelling patterns.

Again, we had engaged firsties!

I realize some administrators may frown upon this idea. 

But honestly, if you explain to them how you are saving paper and ink,
AND teaching your kiddos the proper rules for using the tables,
you may be able to change their minds.

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