16 Thanksgiving Books for Kids

It's November, friends! 
Happy Veteran's Day!
 Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner??

When I began teaching in 1991,
there were very few fun and colorful Thanksgiving books. 

Thankfully, that has changed! (pun intended)

Book Talk Tuesday is all about Thanksgiving Fun this week! 
I did not intend for these to be historically correct books. 
Just Pure Thanksgiving Fun! 

Here are 16 of my favorites!

  by Marc Brown
Yes, I include Arthur and Franklin in all my holiday lists. 
They are staples in my classroom! 
In this story, Arthur gets to direct the Thanksgiving play,
but he can't find anyone to play the turkey. 

by Karma Wilson
Bear invites his friends for dinner but doesn't have anything to offer himself. 
My little friends love Bear and his friends!

  by Teddy Slater
The fresh and funny story of a turkey family celebrating Thanksgiving.

by Paulette Bourgeois
It's Thanksgiving, and Grandma and Grandpa Turtle are out of the country, which leaves Franklin feeling a little blue. 

  by Joy Cowley
What do you do when your father sends you a live turkey for Thanksgiving
and you want to keep it as a pet??

  by Alison Jackson
My favorite "Old Lady" story. 
A sweet little old lady is rather hungry
and eats way too much at Thanksgiving dinner.  
Adore this ending!

by B.J. Hennessey
Join in the counting fun as ten young pilgrims
and ten Wampanaog children get ready for the Thanksgiving feast!

by Eileen Spinelli
You and your littles will laugh as you read about two very different families
as they celebrate Thanksgiving.
by Teresa Bateman
One of my favorites! 
The town of Squawk Valley has no turkeys
so the citizens hold a contest to trap one. 
Such fun illustrations!

by Tony Johnston
A fun subtraction book featuring ten very silly turkeys!

by Eileen Spinelli
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Tappletons,
a thankful and hungry family of wolves!

by Laura Krauss Melmed
Count along with the friendly pilgrim and Wampanoag children
as they prepare for their Thanksgiving feast.
by Lisa Wheeler
Runt, the smallest turkey at Wishbone farm,
tries to warn his family of the dangers turkeys face at Thanksgiving. 
So cute!!

by Eve Bunting
The Moose family and their animal friends must search for Turkey
when he doesn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner. 
You can't beat Eve Bunting!

by Wendi Silvano
It's Thanksgiving, and one very clever turkey tries many disquises to save himself from being eaten! My kiddos love this one!

by Dav Pilkey
Don't you love this book??!! 
The story of eight precious little kiddos who fall in love
with some overstuffed turkeys they meet on their field trip to the farm! 
Love! Love!

I hope you found something to make your holiday celebration fun!
There are SO many more books out there! 
Til next time! Happy Reading!

Some of the titles here are Amazon affiliate links. These books are found on other websites, as well.