Mission Organization

Better late than never!
 I could not decide if I wanted to show the world my clutter or not!
But putting it out there sort of makes me accountable, right??
I have to clean this  20+ years worth of mess! 

This is my room from the door. I love the colors but not the mess!

 The next pic is the left wall from the door. You see my Daily 5 table, clipbards in the red bin, a pocket chart, and my homemade bulletin board. More about that later...

Here's the Daily 5 table! Needs new labels. By the way, all the words you see hanging around are from Anna's Winter Wonderland Read the Room. My kids love those!

Same wall from the other side of the room. I had to move my Word Wall from the magnetic board when they installed my Smartboard. Not crazy about the Word Wall on the door.
I want the kiddos to be able to take the words off  to use.

Reading Center on a Friday afternoon-enough said!
Yes, that animal is hanging on the lamp!

Computer in the corner. Guess I could have pushed the chair under...
All those cords get moved back and forth from my MAC to my PC. Yes, they do!

Guided Reading Table-first graders are supposed to work with me here. Hmmmm...

I am fortunate to have a HUGE closet/cubby room!
Thank goodness we can just shut the door!
And, yes, those cubbies are about 6 inches wide.
NOT designed by teachers... 

A few things I've accomplished:
1) Behind the door: I moved their Daily 5 board back here. Seriously, we don't need that out in the open all day. We aren't truly using CAFE yet, just the wording, so this is a good place for the chart. I also keep the brooms and dustpans back here on 3M hooks. Perfect. They may be the only things in the room that are always in place!! And sidewalk chalk is there for now!

2) I also love my homemade bulletin boards. Our school is only 8 years old, and this was just one huge off-white wall to start. We are not supposed to put tape on the wall which poses a problem for Deep South humidity.  So...this past summer, I stapled (yes, I did) some black paper on the wall and bordered it with two different colors. My sweet principal said as long as we can't see the staples, we're good! The borders are just rolled up long strips of butcher paper. Love the way the black pops!

            I have a lot of work to do to get this room where I want it.
Hopefully, getting there will be half the fun!!

Peace and Love,


  1. I LOVE the bright colors in your room! I also love the ottomans at your small group table and the chair pockets - did you make them?
    Teaching With Style!

  2. Thank you, Nicole! My mom actually made the chair Somehow she made a pattern-wish I were that talented! I'll check to see if she still has it. We just used cotton, but I would suggest a heavier fabric if you decide to make them. Ottomans came from Target, but Walmart has them, too. Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. Love your room! It is gorgeous! I'm having the table/desk debate and your chair pocket make me want to give up the desks! =)

    Second Grade Silliness 

  4. Emily, I love my tables! A couple of my kiddos are hard on the chair pockets, but I wouldn't go back! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love your room! :) It's beautiful! How did you make your borders with paper?! It looks so consistent and pretty! By the way, you can check out the preview file for my Arctic nonfiction bundle on TpT. It's a bundle of posters, mini-posters for a scavenger hunt, student work pages, and some other ideas for nonfiction. I based a lot of this off of Debbie Miller's nonfiction feature books, and she did this with first graders, so I think they are definitely capable of it with supports. :)


  6. Thank you, Amanda! I have a serious problem with borders. I like them on EVERYTHING! A couple of years ago I just got tired of store bought borders! I cut some butcher paper into strips and accordion folded. Then I scrunched it as I stretched it out to hang. Now I won't hang them any other way! So sad!

    I checked out tpt. I am definitely getting your Nonfiction unit! Thanks for your hard work!!

  7. What a great room! I hope I can get my room that colourful and bright one day. Thanks for coming over and following my blog, I am now your newest follower :-)

  8. I love the pocket holder behind their chairs. Did you make those??

  9. Micheal, my mom made those! I'm not quite that talented!

  10. Laura-- Your chair pockets are AWESOME and I love your homemade boards!! The owl and bat are adorable! Did your mom put cardboard in the chair pockets or is it heavy enough without? I am trying to make them for my chairs this year and don't quite know where to start!! (I'm not very good with sewing but am going to try!!)

    I'm your newest follower!!


    Come visit sometime! :)