Learning Those Math Facts

We've spent the majority of the year learning and practicing
the process of addition and now subtraction.
A lot of people say if you just keep playing games, etc, the kiddos will learn their Math Facts.
Then why do we hear upper grade teachers say, "They don't know their facts!"??  Hmmm...
After the process is learned there comes a time when 
you just have to MEMORIZE them.  

Well, we have started working really hard on retaining our addition facts.
Some of my sweeties are doing a great job, others need a little push! 
So...today we made this incentive board.
One little friend has been out this week. We saved him a spot!

The idea came from Made for First Grade's  Gumball Math packet.
I decided to let my kids make their own gumball machines.
(just because I love their sweet art work, and this was a quick one)
They wrote their names on blank labels. Little bit of a glare on this one.

We will add gumballs as they master their facts.
Some of them are still wondering how the gumballs are going to stick...so precious!
I'm looking for a real gumball machine in the meantime! 

We are having a great time with winter activities,
although it sure doesn't feel like winter here!
Next week we start a Polar Animal unit-one of my favorites!

Mrs. Mc  at Buzz, Buzz, Buzz is giving away her two latest packets! They look great!
How about this awesome Lemon Chiffon giveaway at Schoolgirl Style??

Peace and Love,