Happy New Year and Awesome Giveaways

Happy New Year!!

We've been back in school a few weeks now, but this is something
we did our first day back! We read this fun book.
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We then talked about our goals for the New Year. We used The Glyph Girls cute art activity. This was my first Glyph Girl project, but I know we'll do more! This is what we came up with:

Love those pants in the corner! While they were working on these,
I heard the words - tights, leggings, jeggings, and pajama jeans!! So funny!

If you knew my kiddos, you'd know they truly look like their "New Year's People."
That's what they call them. They love how tall their people are!

The kiddos used patterns for the head, hat, hands, and feet but cut the legs, streamers, and dots themselves. At the beginning of the year, we taught our students how to cut shapes using TLC , and now they are really good at it.
The kids usually cut out heads, but these had necks attached.
A little bit more complicated...

Super Giveaways!

One of the first blogs I followed was Crazy for First Grade. Love, Love, Love Anna's stuff! She seems like such a precious person to boot!
Well, she's celebrating the 100th Day with an incredible giveaway!
Check her out here: Crazy for First Grade

Jess at Rambling about Reading is also having a fun giveaway.
You can win 3 different items at her blog!

And A Cupcake for the Teacher is having a Winner's Choice giveaway!
Who wouldn't want to win that??

Hope your week is great!
Peace and Love,