Weather, The Wizard, and Currently!!

This is what the sky looked like the day we went out to cloud watch!!! Amazing! 
I just pointed my camera up, and 
OH, MY, GOODNESS!! It took my breath away! Beautiful!
 The rest of this post pales in comparison...

Weather Week #1
Our Weather Words chart

The kiddos journaling outside

Working in groups to create Water Cycles

The Wizard of Oz
We are reading The Wizard of Oz during our Weather unit!
 I found these 3 copies of this classic. 
1) The top left one is my personal childhood book and the one I'm 
    using as a read aloud. It has been well loved. 
2) The top right is a picture book and great for all first graders. 
3) The bottom book is a Stepping Stones chapter book. I like it for
    those independent readers, but the language is not as descriptive
   as our read aloud.

 Since the kids are SO into The Wizard of Oz, I created a little Number Game they could play independently. It's played like UNO, but with characters instead of colors. They are LOVING it!! I will definitely make more of these!
I took this pic before all the cards were cut out.
It will be on TpT and TN this week-a little behind...
More Weather later this week, too!

April Currently

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For I lift my eyes unto the Lord...Psalm 123

Have an incredible week!


  1. Thanks for visiting us my dear! Your blog is so cute! We have already been following you! Awesome water cycle activities! I love to see primary grades doing science!
    3 Teacher Chicks

    1. Thanks, Amy! The kids are loving our Weather unit!

  2. Oh wow! THat IS a beautiful sky. Nice photo!
    I never thought of reading The Wizard of Oz during a weather unit. That's brilliant.
    And Allegra? I hear you. My allergy season hasn't quite started but when it does .... bleh!

    Grade ONEderful

    1. Thanks, Barbara! The kids have really loved The Wizard!! Gotta love allergy season!!

  3. I love this post - such cute ideas. Really, I love any lesson or theme about clouds (spring, rain, weather, etc.). Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my post today! I really appreciate them.


    1. Thanks, Allyson!! I love studying Weather, too!!

  4. Your weather words chart is so cute! Thanks for commenting on my pigs and cows and for telling your kinder teachers about them! :)


    Apples and ABC's

    1. Thank you and you are welcome!! so cute! : )

  5. Great post Laura. We did have beautiful clouds. Love how for the past two years during our weather unit we have ended up in the hall due to tornado warnings! See how well we plan our units. We covered everything but snow! :)

    1. Thank you, Weezie! We definitely plan Weather at the right time of year!! Think there's still hope for snow??

  6. Love your weather idea...we are in the middle of a Weather mini-unit and I just found your Weather Words book on TPT. Glad I found your blog. We are your newest follower! I just posted a cute Weather poem the other day at our blog

    C&C Teach First

  7. I'm so glad you found me, so I could find you! What a beautiful day you had to do weather observation. I'm reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle now and have thought about The Wizard of Oz. I've read it with 3rd and 4th graders, but wasn't sure if the 1st graders would enjoy it. I think it's time to find out! I love the reminder of who our help comes from!
    Owl Things First

  8. Hey Laura! You have been tagged!!! Come check it out...

    Pencils with Pizzazz

  9. Beautiful pictures! Both those of kids and clouds.

    Oh, BTW, tag (again, sorry!)

    Donna Boucher
    Math Coach’s Corner
    Math Coach’s Corner on FB

  10. I am loving the weather words chart! My students would really like this! By the way, I'm your newest follower! Come by and say hi!
    Teaching Tales

  11. Hi Laura,
    I love seeing all the activities you're doing in your class. I wanted to let you know that you've been TAGGED. Visit my blog to find out the rules.
    First Grade Schoolhouse

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