JACK AND THE BEANSTALK | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Hope you're having an awesome weekend! 
We are officially on Spring Break! 
Today, I want to share a few activities we did while learning about Presidents and reading Jack & the Beanstalk.

Jack and the Beanstalk
We read Jack and the Beanstalk each year with our Plant unit. 
Well, I decided to make a mini-unit to go along with the book. 

The mini-unit is 41 pages of comprehension activities. 
Here's a sampling! 

What’s Included:
Mini-unit Cover-page 1
Table of Contents- page 2
Vocabulary/Character cards- page 3-9
Sequence the Beanstalk-Story Sequencing- pages 10-11
What would I say? Character Speech Bubble Match (color)-pages 12-14
What would I say? Character Speech Bubble Match (B/W)-pages 15-17
What Would I say? Speech Bubbles-pages 18-20
Unscramble the Beanstalk-Sentence Scramble (color)-pages 21-25
Unscramble the Beanstalk-Recording Sheets-pages 26-27
Make Words with “beanstalk”-Making Words letters- page 28-29
Make Words with “beanstalk”-Making Words recording sheet-page 30
Describe Jack-Bubble Map- page 31
Describe the Giant-Bubble Map- page 32
Label The Beanstalk-Labeling Mat in color-page 33
Label The Beanstalk-Labeling Mat in B/W-page 34
Creative Writing: What would you trade for Magic beans? page 35
Creative Writing: would you climb the beanstalk? page 36
Beanstalk Craftivity-pages 37-41

I'm excited about the craft! It's easy to prepare and won't take forever
for the kiddos to complete! I think it turned out really cute!

You can find my mini-unit at TpT for $5!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring Break (if that's you)!!