WEATHER ACTIVITIES | Peace, Love, and First Grade


This is what the sky looked like the day we went out to cloud watch!!! Amazing! 
I just pointed my camera up, and 
OH, MY, GOODNESS!! It took my breath away! Beautiful!
 The rest of this post pales in comparison...

Weather Week #1
Our Weather Words chart

The kiddos journaling outside

Working in groups to create Water Cycles

The Wizard of Oz
We are reading The Wizard of Oz during our Weather unit!
 I found these 3 copies of this classic. 
1) The top left one is my personal childhood book and the one I'm 
    using as a read aloud. It has been well loved. 
2) The top right is a picture book and great for all first graders. 
3) The bottom book is a Stepping Stones chapter book. I like it for
    those independent readers, but the language is not as descriptive
   as our read aloud.

 Since the kids are SO into The Wizard of Oz, I created a little Number Game they could play independently. It's played like UNO, but with characters instead of colors. They are LOVING it!! I will definitely make more of these!
I took this pic before all the cards were cut out.

Here's the updated version. Click the pic for the link.

For I lift my eyes unto the Lord...Psalm 123

Have an incredible week!