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Math Games
One of the Common Core Math Standards for First and Second Grade is 
"mentally" being able to add or subtract 10 from a given number. 

I don't know about your pumpkins, but some of mine struggle with this skill! 

I made an "I Have, Who Has" game to practice this a few weeks ago, 
and the kiddos loved it!

We used number grids to help us find or check our answers. 
The kids really had to listen and THINK, 
and the number grids were excellent tools for practice. 
This is what we did:
  1. Each child was given a number grid and an "I Have, Who Has" card.
  2. I read the first card, and each student listened and placed one finger on the addition fact I read.
  3. Example: Who has 27 + 10? Place one finger on 27 and count up 10. By this time, most students know the shortcut to this skill.
  4. The child who had the answer then read his card. Proceed from there.

This offered great practice for adding 10 to a number.

Well, I've been asked if I were going to make a subtraction one, and here it is! 
My kiddos were excited to see this!! 
Love it when they enjoy practicing a difficult Math skill!

Click the pic to take a look.

By the way...
I appreciate all who stop by this little blog! I love reading your comments! 

I also want to thank all who have purchased from me on TpT every day. I can't thank you enough! 

I enjoy using my creations in my own class, 
but it makes me smile to think someone else may want to use them, too. 
It's very humbling.

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