Wordless Wednesday...Regrouping

I'm so glad Christina started this linky! Love seeing all the pics!
It's Wordless Wednesday, friends!


Regrouping is more fun when you write on the tables!
Notice our rule of hands in your lap unless it's your turn! Sanity! 
Do you ever write on your desks/tables?

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!


  1. Haven't done it yet - but the more I see it done, the more tempting it becomes! Maria

  2. oo I've never thought of this!! So fun! Thank you for linking up. :)

    Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice

  3. We used those same blocks today! Love your idea of group work using a table top chart. Looks like an idea to keep. Thanks!

  4. Not yet...but I am loving it! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  5. Yes, I have and I actually got in trouble for it. I was asked by my principal, "Do you really think writing on the desks is a good thing to teach our students?" How did I solve the problem? I laminated a very large piece of bulletin board paper for each student and we put it on top of our desks and wrote on it!

  6. Love it! I've never written on the tables, but I've written on the floor and my kids had so much more learning fun!

  7. This is a good solution to "I never have blank paper " when trying to show kids something! I know they will like it! Rule #2 - Only teachers can do this! at least in my class. My luck somebody would use a permanent marker.
    First Grade by the Sea